Stomico Ostomy Pliers Designed for Ostomy Patients

Developed by an ostomy patient for ostomy patients, the new Stomico Ostomy Pliers are a two-piece, uniquely designed tool that assists you with the replacement of ostomy pouches. Stomico's Ostomy Pliers may be the most important tool for Home Health Care for Ostomy patients and caregivers ever invented! Stomico's Ostomy Pliers are a cost effective, easy to use, ergonomic alternative for ostomy scissors. Comprised of punch-pliers and a screw-on circular cutting disc, this revolutionary cutting tool is ergonomically designed, fast, easy and affordable and has received rave reviews by ostomy patients and medical professionals around the world. The cutting disc has been manufactured in 1MM increment sizes ranging from 17MM to 43MM. Its effectiveness and rapid acceptance is proven by the sale to thousands of ostomates, caregivers, and medical professionals in Norway.

Stomico Ostomy Pliers are designed to evenly and consistently cut the same diameter hole, with no jagged edges, in adhesive skin barriers, face plates, wafers and flanges each time you remove and replace your pouch, thus reducing concern over irritation and infection and simplifying the changing process.

Stomico Ostomy Pliers are ergonomically designed and eliminate exposure to the inherent carpal tunnel and tendonitis risks associated with the repetitive motion of scissors and are easy to use by arthritis sufferers. Stomico Ostomy Pliers are designed for both one piece and two-piece systems. With practice of just 1 or 2 times, it only takes seconds to punch a clean, consistent hole in the ostomy appliance.

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