Using Stomico Ostomy Pliers with One-Piece Systems

The new Stomico Ostomy Pliers can effectively and easily cut the proper size hole in some one-piece (single) systems.

One-Piece System Instructions:

If the One-Piece System is drainable and the drain opening is large enough to accommodate the Stomico Pliers Cutting Bed, then the Cutting Bed can be inserted into the drain opening and positioned directly behind the flange area to be cut.

If the One-Piece system is not drainable AND the wafer is flexible and can be folded without damaging the system integrity, follow the next steps:

  1. Fold the wafer in half (see illustration), position the cutting disc to punch a “one half circle” hole through the folded wafer/skin barrier (be sure that the pouch/bag is not placed within the wafer when the punching takes place).
  2. Unfold the wafer/skin barrier and the “one half circle” hole is now a complete circle/hole.
  3. This process can be used to punch an oval stoma opening also. Be sure to position the wafer so that the punched oval will be in the proper position when the wafer/skin barrier is applied to the abdomen.

With practice of just 1 or 2 times, it only takes seconds to punch a clean, consistent hole in the ostomy appliance.




Using Stomico Medical Pliers with One Piece SystemStomico Ostomy Pliers
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